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Bear-peak-dental-teamAt Family and Implant Dentistry of Boulder we understand oral surgery can be a fear provoking prospect. Teeth can require removal due to variety of factors such as decay, broken, impacted wisdom teeth or creating room for braces. We have access to various methods of anesthesia and anti-anxiety techniques that can greatly reduce the fear and pain often associated with oral surgery. Implants now provide a great alternative to traditional measures for replacing missing teeth from the single missing tooth to supporting dentures. A thorough discussion of the options available prior to tooth removal is the best method for alleviating anxiety and improving the overall experience.

Our oral surgery services include various procedures from dental implants and dentures to full mouth reconstruction and more. Whether you need a root canal or other procedure involving the gums and soft tissue, restorative dentistry is a specialty of ours.  You may be in search of a TMJ dentist if you suffer from temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Ultimately we provide the care and professionalism you expect when it comes to procedures that can be stressful to many patients in a relaxed, comfortable environment.  We understand you desire a beautiful smile and healthy mouth with as little pain and discomfort as possible.  From basic surgical services to the most complex procedures, you can trust Family and Implant Dentistry of Boulder for all of your oral surgery needs!  We invite those in Boulder and Superior to contact us now at 303-494-1550.